Queen Victoria

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Queen Victoria was born at Kensington Palace, London, on May 24th, 1819. She was the only child of Edward Duke of Kent. Her father died before Victoria was a year old and was brought up by her strict German mother. She was christened Alexandria Victoria and was not permitted to learn that she was to be queen until she was twelve years old. Victoria had very little contact with the outside world and was taught politics and government by the Prime Minister. She became queen of Great Britain in 1837, at the age of 18, after the death of her uncle King William IV.

In February 1840, the queen married her cousin Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. Victoria and Albert had four sons and five daughters together. In 1866, Prince Albert died of typhoid fever. Queen Victoria withdrew herself from the public. Then in 1877 she appeared in public to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of her reign, which was 50 years.

Then ten years later, she reappeared for her Diamond Jubilee, which was a great "Festival of the Empire." Crowds greeted the queen as the royal procession made its way to Saint Paul's Cathedral to give thanks. Victoria died at her winter home on the Isle of Wight on January 22nd, 1901.

Queen Victoria was one of the greatest rulers in English history. She was the queen of United Kingdom, Great Britain, Ireland, and the empress of India. It was an era in which Great Britain became the most powerful nation in the world. Queen Victoria ruled for sixty-three years, which was the longest reign in the British monarch. She became queen at a time when the people neither liked nor respected the throne. Victoria was regarded as the symbol of Great Britain's greatness. She was wise and...