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Quentin Tarantino

After viewing his films again, as I have seen the majority of them prior to this semester, I noticed many things that I missed the first time especially since I was scrutinizing the films rather than just watching them for entertainment. Whether it's from signature trademarks or subtle details, Tarantino's style is evident throughout his films from beginning to end. I have always recognized Tarantino's writing and directing style, but I know have a better understanding and appreciation.

I for one enjoy Tarantino's unique dialogue and plots that are expressed with his own personal style. The storylines that exemplify Tarantino's screenwriting style the most are "Pulp Fiction" and "Reservoir Dogs" because of their out of sequence narratives. Both of these out of order plots have very different effects from one another. In "Pulp Fiction" Vincent dies in the middle of the movie but is present throughout the whole film as there are different points of views of different characters; this non-linear plot is successful as all the characters' stories are tied to together in a way that shows they relate to one another and is done in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.

The out of order storyline of "Reservoir Dogs" works much differently than that of "Pulp Fiction". Instead of having multiple stories that converge as one, the simple storyline is somewhat out of order and flashes back to previous events that led up to what's happening currently in the plot. Whether it be a robber telling his story of what happened during the robbery or Mr. Orange's experience of getting shot, the flashbacks are long and extensive enough to steer you away from the main plot and when brought back, things come to full circle as more as more has been realized and...