The Quest For LIfe

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The Quest for Life Long, long ago, in a time before time, there was a small world called Mukong. This world was very unique, as it was divided into two sides; the good and the evil. The dark lands were very frightening. Consistent storms, blackness, and many peculiar animals made it a very uninviting place. Though the good side, called The Bright Lands were completely opposite, as it was bright, warm, rich with water and food, and consisted of many welcoming and friendly creatures.

The two sides of Mukong have remained quite segregated since the beginning of time. The many creatures stayed to their own lands as there was a very distinct border, that not a soul would dare cross. There was a bridge over a majestic river that was the point where the sun and vegetation died, and darkness and barren lands began that marked the different lands, and different lives.

Little did the creatures of darkness know, that one day in the near future would bring two companions, in search of a single plant; the only piece of vegetation that lived in The Dark Lands. Kept within the dark and misty mountains of Abian the dragon would make this a daunting task. This plant was called "Tuca". Here is their story… As the sun peeked over the distant mountains, it shone through The Bright Lands, providing a path. This path led from the border of The Bright Lands all the way through, to the very edge of The Dark Lands. On a warm spring morning, Rose ran up that path in urgency. She had to see her friend Isabella, and soon. Rose was of a petite stature; about 5"7, fairly skinny, and had short brown hair, in the shape of a mushroom. She had rich brown eyes, and soft textured skin. Though as she continued to run her eyes widened with fear. She knew what was wrong. She was dying.

Isabella saw Rose running up the sun drawn path, and went to greet her. Her sparkling blue eyes and long blonde hair shone in the gleaming rays of the sun. Though when Rose neared, Isabella could sense her visit. She saw Rose beginning to pale. She had greenish brownish sores starting to form on her skin. Instantly, Isabella cried to Rose not to move, but rather to lie down and remain stationary. Isabella knew what she had to do. Rose was her best friend, and she couldn't lose her. She had to take on a quest.

With the sores continuing to form and spread through Rose's body, Isabella could waste no more time. She called to her blind uncle, the only other family she had, and quickly explained her task. She packed a small bag of rations and embers from her fire, and set out. She knew what this task involved as her mother perished long ago, having had the same disease. Isabella's father had set out on an identical quest to find the only cure, a plant called Tuca. Since it grows only in the misty mountains of Abian, her father was killed in an attempt to reach the Tuca, facing the blood thirsty ferocious dragon.

Isabella explained to Rose what the disease was, and how to cure it. With tears beginning to fill her eyes she tentatively explained that Rose would have only have ten days to live, and since they couldn't conclude when the symptoms began, her life was limited. Rose was quick to reply, stating that she may not make it all the way, and that she would be better off staying with Isabella's blind uncle. Isabella cried that she would not have enough time to make the return trip, so she was to come. It was then decided. They would set off immediately, on what Isabella knew was a life-risking task.

The sun beamed over the mountains yet again, as the two companions neared the dark border. Before crossing it they passed through the last part of civilization; a native village called Wakatingtong. They met with Chief Big Bear, who described the path to take, and cautioned them with the many dangers they would encounter.

Chief Big Bear ordered them into his tepee. His long, silvery beard told the young companions that he was very old and wise. His staggered walking made him at unease, though he crawled in his smoke filled home. He knew instantly who Isabella was and could tell from the sores on Rose, what they were there for. Wasting no time at all, he told them their journey. "Follow the sun's path during the day, and let the stars be your guide at nightfall," he muttered. "Never turn your back on a stranger, and take caution for the creatures that lurk at night. Once you cross that bridge, you're unsafe and very vulnerable, as the barren wastelands expose you to anything. Isabella, you must be courageous, as you will encounter the dragon at the misty mountains. You will discover good fortune to your benefit that I mustn't reveal. It is your destiny. Find the tuca flower, and feed Rose the liquid from the stem. I cannot tell you anymore. Be gone." For six long days, and six long nights they journeyed through the wastelands. The cold sweeping winds and darkness frightened them with every step. Bravely, Isabella led the way, expressing leadership and persistence of determination. With Rose weakening she fell to her knees. Isabella knew Rose's time was coming. Out of ideas, Isabella comforted Rose, when suddenly, a faint soft whisper called to them. Isabella glanced at their surroundings but saw no one. She listened as the soft voice uttered, "leave her with me. I am Siana, her Guardian Angel. I will protect her until you return. You must find the Tuca. Now hurry, for her death is near." Confusion raced through the mind of Isabella. With only half a day's journey she would reach the mountains. So leaving her friend, she cried that she would return, and hastily hurried off.

Torrents of rain fell from the clouded sky. Lightning struck and thunder crashed. She entered the cave, but was unsure of a path to follow. Obeying instincts she scurried down a long, dark, and eerie tunnel. Abruptly, she halted. Cries of Abian rang through the mountain's tunnels, causing everything to quiver. With a sudden crash of thunder she ran out of fear to where her racing mind led her. She crept through a small opening and crouched down, peering ahead. Yet she saw nothing. Isabella's eyes adjusted to the blackness of the mountain's empty tunnels, and she tried to familiarize herself with her surroundings. She suddenly felt a warm breeze of air. Though it wasn't like any ordinary air. Rather a stench of the breath from a dirty putrid animal. She turned around and gleaming at her, were the two fiery red eyes of Abian the dragon. The red scaled beast shrieked furiously at Isabella. His enormous, razor-sharp teeth clutched repeatedly. It screamed, "GET OUT! GET OUT! OR YOU WILL DIE LIKE YOUR FATHER." Isabella reacted from instincts and for the moment, it was as if everything was occurring in slow motion.

She dove under the massive head of Abian, and jumped over its swinging tail. She ran for her life straight through the tunnel's path. With the dragon violently pursuing her, she thought of Rose. She couldn't quit now. Unexpectedly she saw a small beam of light through a crack on the tunnel's wall. She kicked and through herself at it repeatedly as Abian neared. She smelt the stench of Abian's breath, and heard his cries. Trapped, she closed her eyes and wept, as her life would come to a gory end like her fathers. Abian lunged at Isabella. With one last idea coming to mind, she ducked and let the dragon strike the wall as it exploded open with light. Abian shrieked in pain as light was its weakness. This was the secret that Chief Big Bear had described to Isabella.

She lay in a bed of flowers, completely astounded as the light filled the small, circular inlet. What was this place? Where was the light coming from? Flowers of all kinds bloomed majestically, and there was no stench of decaying bones but rather the pleasant fragrance of the open meadows from home. The bitter silence trapped her in a state of disarray. Then thoughts of Rose flashed through her head again. She glanced at the flower bed but was unsure which one was the Tuca. Then she heard the angel's soft voice again. "Pick the golden yellow one, with the two green petals." Then the voice left. She glanced as the dragon retreated into the darkness of the mountain. She swiftly got out of the bed of flowers and returned to where she left her companion.

Rose was completely pale, and filled with sores. She groaned in pain, as her skin was beginning to shrivel at the legs. Before Isabella could reach her, she died. Her lifeless body lay on the barren lands, as she had run out of time. Isabella ran and cracked open the stem of the Tuca, and fed Rose's lifeless body the liquid. Isabella jumped back as something magical occurred. Rose was lifted by a draft of a warm breeze. Fragments of sparkling dust encircled her, and it was as if a miracle was happening. Her eyes opened and a warm smile looked at Isabella. The sores began to disappear, and she filled with life once again. Isabella had done it. She was triumphant! She had conquered the dragon and saved her friend.

The two glorious companions returned to their village. People greeted them with tears of happiness. A party was to occur. And so ends a tale of a heroic young girl, who saved her best friend from an ancient disease. She was a hero, and the whole village would soon hear their story! Total Words: 1513