Question: Was the American Revolution a revolution? Include all facts, causes, and events. Support all accounts you will submit.

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The revolution was a revolution. Since revolution means to change and there were many changes in the American Revolution. The changes were political, social, economic, and foreign. Many changes were substantial but far from swift. Some of the changes were sudden but not all that substantial. Also some of the changes were only temporary and later conditions go back to normal.

Political events were causes of the revolution to be a revolution. When British control ended because of the revolution America was born. The people made a new constitution creating a strong central government; this included the Bill of Rights. This allowed freedom of speech and religion.

Social events are another cause. The idea of separating church and state was made. This no longer had had people pay tax money to one chosen church. Then the idea of freedom of religions choice grows because of this. The death penalty and floggings for minor offenses ended, thus creating more freedom for all the people.

Other causes were the economic and foreign events. At first the American trade sucked, but then America found other countries to trade with and America prospered. Old forms of land inheritance were abolished, now anybody could buy land from anyone if they had the money. Now since the French government went bankrupt, the monarchy was overthrown. Then America turns into one of the largest nations in the world.

To me the American Revolution was a revolution. If it never took place we might all have British accents, 95% of us would still be farmers, and we would still be paying church tax to only one church. That is the reason that the American Revolution was a revolution.