Question: Consider Baroque contrasts in emotions.

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The creation of Baroque art was not limited to people of wealth or high status, but to everyone including the impoverished and learned. The emotion within Baroque art was considered a great quality. Any method artists could utilize to manipulate audiences into having a genuine emotional reaction was what they deliberately strove for, and they found many innovative ways to do it.

A popular example of emotion within Baroque, was that of pleasure and pain. The differences in classes, living conditions/environments and time period were key players in the production of Baroque art. Baroque emerged during hard and changing times. For example, during the times of Reformation, the Catholic Church went through a period of internal reform to give it new order, strength and power. The new laws laid down new ways of discipline. The Roman Catholic Church was against by Lutherans/Protestants for its questionable ways. The Catholic Church had increased its stringency.

Art was used as a hand to help the masses worship.

However, artwork was not prudish as one would intially think. Artwork displayed Saints in great feeling. It was filled with Saints in excstasy and strong body language; the colors were vibrant and warm; and swirling compositions. This created a reaction to their audience as vulgar and abrupt yet appealing and splendorous. Some believed that this rhetorical art, appealed directly to the senses and appropriate to the times they lived in