Question Everything

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Question everything.

Who do you trust for answers, and why do you trust them?

It's said that science seek the truth, but we can never be a hundred percent sure that something is true or false. The last decade, the production of new knowledge has increased significantly, at the same time scientific knowledge has become considerably more available and there is a lot of different scientific theories out there. This gives us the possibility to take informed choices and to have the power to make sure the theories and services we receive is of good quality. But, we are buried with information, and are put to the test of sorting out what is true and what is not. This is harder than it may seem, as scientific theories is something we all are indoctrinated to believe in and something that can convince even the strongest skeptic. So, that leads us to the question; What is it about theories in the human sciences and natural sciences that make them so convincing?

First of all, authority is very appealing.

This might be the biggest problem with scientific theories. The theories and their white lab-coated scientists have great authority. As human beings we are almost programmed to believe in those who seem superior to us. Simply because they are easy to follow. Just ask the participants in the Milgram experiment. They would blindly do what the scientist said they should do, even though this went completely against their morals. Why? Because the scientist had authority. And you know why it's so easy to follow people with authority? Because you don't have to think a single little thought for yourself. Your brain can just relax while someone else is thinking and making choices for you. As humans we have to make choices every...