Questions and predicted answers for the australian prime minister and minister for foreign affairs to stimulate thought about australian foreign policy.

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Questions for the Hon. Prime Minister John Howard

1. Mr Prime Minister, how do you feel about Australia's early Foreign Policy, for example the White Australia Policy and propaganda about the 'yellow peril' in the first half of last century?

-early Foreign Policy was mostly dictated by Britain

-White Australia Policy was a lamentable mistake, but might be considered essential in the development of Australia's modern Foreign Policy.

-all turned out ok in the end didn't it?

-yellow peril turned out to be a real threat to Australia (World War II)

2. What about Australia's reliance throughout history on the major world powers of the time (i.e. Britain and America)?

-must be remembered that Australia is still a part of the British Commonwealth and thus retains some obligations concerning Britain and its territories

-Britain is our mother country and has done her best to protect Australia in our early years

-would not so much say 'reliance' as 'alliance' concerning America

-Australia serves our own purposes in the world forum, as well as doing our best to protect the innocent peoples of the world

3. How do you react to the recent public outcry over your unhesitant reaction to commit Australia to the 'Coalition of the Willing' and the invasion of Iraq without consulting parliament or responding to public opinion?

-believes that he did the right thing

-in the interest of national security

-showing support for US who have supported us

-to liberate the Iraqi people

4. What about the as yet undiscovered weapons of mass destruction? To uncover these weapons was one of the main justifications of the invasion, yet none have been uncovered and media attention has been diverted to other areas.

-a lot of places still unsearched

-weapons could have been moved internationally by now

-there were other...