A quick analyis of the play "Doll House"

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This play took a lot of energy for me to read. It came across as too hyper-dramatical, if that's even a term. Nora's actions confused me and angered me all at once. I disliked her overindulgence in her husband's care taking. She made herself out to be so weak and dependent, yet was capable of making life altering decisions. When she borrowed the money in order to save her husbands life, she showed great heroism and selflessness. Yet throughout the story, she is vulnerable and weak. I didn't like how she treated her children and her selfish worries always preoccupying her mind. We were supposed to read it as Nora trying to cover up her lies in order to protect her husbands good name. I read it differently. Nora was really just being testy the whole 8 years. Waiting for a miracle to prove that her husband loved her enough to take on her burdens is nothing but selfish.

She is a confused, weak, selfish, conceited lady. My prediction is that when on her own she'll do very well. The reason she will succeed is because of her capability of lying and misleading anyone that comes her way for her own personal gain and benefit. Dirty snakes in the grass seem to succeed in our world.

I would not do what she did because I cannot sleep at night with a guilty conscience. If I needed to take desperate measures in order to save someone I love, I would be honest with it to everyone. No matter the consequence. I feel that this way, there is only one way to feel about the choices you make, confident and assured that it was in the best intrest of all.