This is a quick report focusing on the legal issues raised in the movie "Rules of Engagement". 300 words.

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Rules of Engagement

In this movie, Samuel L. Jackson plays a Marines colonel that is charged with the murder of 83 Yemenese civilians, after ordering his men to open fire on the protesting crowd. Colonel Childers (Jackson) and his team were sent to evacuate the United States embassy in Yemen, when they came under fire from the crowd, as well as snipers on the rooftops of nearby buildings. His conduct was in violation of the Marine's rules of engagement, and was charged with "Breach of Peace," and "Conduct unbecoming of an officer" as well as the charge of murder.

This movie dealt with issues concerning evidence and testimony of witnesses. A crucial piece of evidence was destroyed (a video tape from the surveillance system at the embassy), and a witness was charged with perjury for lying under oath about the mental state of the defendant. The film sent a message of hope, saying that even through all of this treachery, the truth can still come out in the Unites States legal system.

The views of the director were very prominent during the whole movie. He pointed out that even war has rules, and they should be obeyed, even if your life is on the line. Almost contradictorily, he showed us that those rules mean nothing when you are being fired upon, and United States soil is under attack. This movie shows us the things that can go wrong with war, and the corruption in the government that ensues to cover it up.

I enjoyed this movie, because it dealt with serious issues brought up by war, while being entertained at the same time with a riveting storyline, and wonderfully portrayed characters. Samuel L. Jackson, and Tommy Lee Jones played their parts well, and I would recommend this movie to...