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Common Sense

Thomas Paine begins be describing the history government and people. He stated they people to often confuse government with society. He believed that society works to bring people together and to promote happiness, and that government promotes the opposite. He also describes government as a necessary evil. If man were perfect, we would need no government. The more simply a government is laid out; the less likely it will be disrupted. As a society grows, so does the need for a government. He states that colonist have been wise enough to shut and lock the door to monarchy, but foolish enough to give the crown the key.

The second subject that Thomas Paine discusses is monarchy. The fact that men are divided into two categories of kings and subjects is unnatural. He believed that all men are created equal and that it is absurd that one man should think so much of himself that he should command everyone else.

Religion is a large part of this section, and many references to the bible are made. Ruling monarchy's interpreted the scripture to accommodate them. I have often wondered who thought hereditary succession was a good idea. It does, as he says, open the door to the foolish and wicked. Another point that he brings up is the fact that countries with no king, have no war. He is quick to point out that the king will take everything you have for himself, and give you nothing. He attacks many of the reasons why the colonists are still loyal to the king.

Thomas Paine's vision for the future is what impressed me the most. He was wise beyond his years. He tells the colonist's that one of the greatest opportunities lies right in front of them. The things that...