Quiksilver case study. Keys of the success.

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Quicksilver company is one of the most successful company of the last 10 years. Created in Australia in 1970, Quicksilver designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products. There are now the world biggest surfwear brand in the world.

They have developed some very original strategies to develop their business which were copied by many other surfwear companies.


1) Overview

"Quiksilver rides the wave of youth appeal" (Austin M, 1999). Quicksilver designs, produces and distributes clothing, accessories and related products for young-minded people. The company appears now like the world biggest surfwear brand. The company target to the young and athletic with surfwear, snowboardwear, and sportswear sold under brands including Quiksilver, Raisins, and Roxy. Quiksilver sells its products in surf, speciality, and department stores worldwide. Quiksilver has expanded its line with eyewear, watches, and jeans for its core audience, which accounts for 56% of total revenues.

In an effort to reach (and convert) potential action sport fans, the company has expanded into media with the launch of Quiksilver Entertainment, a production company focused on extrem sports.

The company's Quiksilveredition and Fidra (golf apparel) lines target slightly older men. The company has been in a buying mode, making four major acquisitions in 2001 including its original licensor, Australian company Quiksilver International.

In June 2002 Quiksilver launched Quiksilver Entertainment, a production company that creates actionsport based programming for the entertainment industry.

In October 2003, Quiksilver announced plans to merge with Ug Manufacturing in Australia and Quiksilver Japan, in an effort to gain control over nearly all its global business.

2) Sales repartition


Quiksilver has offices in Australia, France, and the US. The graph shows that the major part of sales is realised in the US with 54 %, following by Europe with 40...