Quiltmaking in the Appalachian mountains.

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Why quilt? Quilting is something human. Why spend the time to make a quilt when it is much cheaper to go to the local store and buy one. Customs and beliefs are found in

every handmade quilt. Quilting has been done since the early Victorian age.

Why quilt? The simple fact is that quilts are made for people by people. The giving and sharing of every aspect of a quilt shows in the final product. Quilts show

friendship, family, community , home, and lots of love. As a child I can remember my grandmother and my mother making quilts, and even rugs. I have several quilts that my

grandmother made.

The art of Quiltmaking can be followed from generation to generation all the way back to the Victorian age. I have had first hand experience. I watched my mom and

grandma as a child. They would take scraps of material, feed sacks, and even garbage bags to make clothes, quilts and rugs.

Whatis the significance of a quilting

a quilt? Buying a blanket at the local store is cheaper. However it is not made with all of the love, customs, beliefs, friendship, family, and even communities that a handmade

quilt is.

Before each of my children were born my mother and I handmade them a quilt. They was handmade from start to finish. It is something that I hope that they will cherish


My little girls quilt is pink and white. It is made of cotton and mesh. The backing is pink. Then the batting is the center and then another layer of pink so that the mesh

will show up. The mesh is white with a teddy bear holding a balloon. The back is brought around to the front of the quilt bind all of the...