La Quinceanera

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Are you fifteen? Are you a girl? Do you live in Mexico? If you're not I would bet you would want to be for one special celebration. This celebration is for la quinceanera, or the birthday of a fifteen year old girl. A lot of work and preparation is put into this, a church service and a party celebrating the womanhood of the girl. The church service is for thanks and wishes to God. The party is a time of excitement and fun for the girl and the guests. The celebration is a turning point in the girl's life. It is a symbol of the girl becoming a woman, showing her that she has more responsibilities, and it is a time for her life to take a direction.

Weeks and sometimes even months of preparation go into her birthday. Since this celebration is so important to the girl and her family, they try to make it perfect.

The first preparation is usually finding a salon and a church to have the party and ceremony. The girl then buys invitations and picks her guests. Since the girl wants to look beautiful, a princess-like dress is bought or often made for the girl. Most of the dresses are pink, white, or peach and are very detailed. Dancing is a big part of the party, so a choreographer is usually hired. The girl will pick four to six chamberlains. The chamberlains are usually a boy that the girl knows. The girl dances the waltz with each of the chamberlains. The choreographer starts practicing weeks before the party so everything will be perfect. Then a massive cake is ordered or made. The cake is equivalent to those at American weddings. Food is then chosen by the family. It is a full course meal.