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In ten years, when I am 28 years old, I am positive that I will have complete control over my own life. I believe that setting goals is a very important aspect when thinking about where your life will lead you. I will try my best to be very cautious and successful in all that I do. I promise to share the good qualities I have with my neighbors, friends, and to all other community members around me. Esther, in the novel The Bell Jar, demonstrates the opposite person that I would ever want to be. She has absolutely no control over any part of her life, and proves to be a very weak person on both the inside and out. She never set goals for herself until it seemed to be too late in order for her to strive for anything. Her bad habits lead her into a massive phase of destruction towards herself and others.

Through reading this novel, I saw a totally different outlook on life from the eyes of someone who was in a very poor state of health/mind, and was obviously extremely ill. Setting up goals, and actually achieving them is a very important factor in life that helps determine what you have accomplished throughout it.

One goal that is important to me is to have a good home-life, and to enjoy where you are as well as to whom you communicate with. Some people would plan to have a gigantic house on an over populated street, that they clearly couldn't afford to pay the numerous bills for. Others would think that wasn't the life for them to live out their dreams by. For example, I would opt to have a little house on a quiet country road with chickens and cows roaming in the backyard. I would choose to know every neighbor for the next ten miles of hillsides. I would expect to be safe and comfortable whenever leaving my house, knowing that I hadn't touched any locks to my doors. I would join as many town committees and groups as possible in order to make it known to my fellow neighbors that I cared about the town and how it turns out to be for the future of all our children. I would try everything that I could to stay close, and get along with my community. To me, this small piece of my life would suit my needs, and enable me to ensure success in achieving my goals.

Another goal that I feel is very important in life is to understand the importance of schooling for all ages. I will encourage people to push their children in order to get them to strive in all that they do. I will educate them in order to focus their attention onto getting into a wonderful college. Some people believe that there is no need for you to go to college in order to be successful. However, I don't agree with this opinion at all. For example, I would have gone to college the year after I graduated from high school. I would apply to many colleges and see which one was interested in me the most. I would be sure to keep my options open and enjoy all of the experiences that occur when I am in the university of my choice. I would go to a business school in order to be an accountant. I would try to go into a business of my own after working for a major company over the internet for five years. To me, this small piece of my life would suit my needs, and enable me to ensure success in achieving my goals.

The most important goal in my life would be to have a wonderful family that loves each other and is there for each other in any given situation. Some people feel completely content with their lives even though they are single and have no children or a spouse around to keep them company. I on the other hand, feel very strongly in the famous saying that "everyone needs someone". For example, I would want to be happily engaged with plans of children in the near future. I would want to have the nursery painted a light yellow color, and ready for anything that may or may not happen. I would love to have the company of kids running up and down the hallway, and jumping on the beds. I would find so much happiness and laughter because of the new experiences that I would be faced with. To me, this small piece of my life would suit my needs, and enable me to ensure success in achieving my goals.

In writing this essay, I saw many things that seemed to take me by surprise. There are so many possibilities in life that are worth exploring. There are so many goals that can be set from now until your end. They can all be accomplished if you just believe in what you do. And it is important to remember that the more you learn, the more you grow!