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One main idea in the Odyssey, is the relationship between fathers and their children and the respect that they have for each other. In the Odyssey father/child relationships are shown between Telemachus and Odysseus, between Athena and Zeus, and between Cyclops and Poseidon. In all three of these relationships both people show respect for the other person and treat them well. . One relationship between a father and their child in the Odyssey is the one between Zeus and Athena. Athena is the goddess of wisdom and Zeus is the king of all gods. This relationship is one between two gods. A relationship between two gods is different from a relationship between two humans or between a monster and a human. Zeus and Athena have a good relationship and they each have much respect for each other. Often Athena uses her powers to help Odysseus and Telemachus. Also she shows respect to her father by only using her powers when Zeus agrees.

Zeus is a god that watches over everybody, humans and gods. He has the power to punish anybody who is doing something wrong. Athena has respect for her father because of all of the power that he has. Overall Zeus and Athena have a good relationship and show a lot of respect for each other.