RAB: New Instrument of Justice or Violator of Human Rights?

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The topic of the research paper is 'RAB' and the hypothesis is - 'Though RAB was formed to gain control over the current irrepressible law and order situation, it has now become the prime violator of human rights.' The elite force is violating the human rights by killing their captives in the form of 'crossfire'. Though the force is enjoying some initial success, it will not last forever unless the roots and causes of all these criminal activities are identified and eliminated. Moreover, the large amount of money that the authority is spending for RAB is also not justifiable. The strictness the elite force boasts about is again questionable when they treat the fanatic terrorists 'differently' from others.

1. Introduction

The man's wristwatch was indicating that it was close to 12 A.M. The jerks of the Hyundai Terracan were unable to change the expression he was possessing. His shallow ashen face and ice-white lips were giving him an aura of a phantom who had just witnessed his doomsday.

There were five more stony faced people present in the vehicle. All of them were dressed in midnight black uniform. Three solitary letters were glowing from their back of the vest. R-A-B. The driver killed the engine and the vehicle stopped abruptly with one last shudder. One of the men wearing a black bandanna swore under his breath and ordered the 'phantom' to get down from the vehicle. He got out and saw that he was standing on a junction of four broad streets. The area was dimly lit by the gloomy yellow rays emitting from the municipal sodium lamps. He slowly turned at the wall of stony faces that had just been formed behind him. He knew it was time. But before he could say anything, one of the members of...