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Fifteen hundred miles away from home three half cast girls Molly, Grace and Daisy were taken away from their mothers and sent to this place for half cast children. It was called the Moore settlement, they had all the requirements they needed to survive and to be happy, they had beds, food, clothes, etc. but the three girls wanted more than that. They were searching and searching for a mothers love which all the other kids had lost interest in or forgotten about, they seen it as though they didn't have any mothers or fathers. When they were in this camp they got an education their mothers couldn't afford.

The girls mother and grandmother was as eager to have them home as what the girls were to get home, they one morning escaped from the camp and ran away they knew of the rabbit proof fence and new their mothers camp was along the fence.

The girls pretended to be taking the pail out side and emptying it when the made a run for it, they lasted all day without anyone realising they had gone. They set a trap for the man who had to collect them to make him think they travelled up stream of the river instead of down stream. It worked they fooled him. But how long could they last doing this? As their journey started off they met up with some aborigines with some goanna for their dinner, the men invited the three girls to have dinner with them. The girls were pleased with this offer as they hadn't had anything to eat all day and were starving.

They then found food in the chook pen of a lady and man. The girls were stealing from them when the lady come up behind Molly and...