Rabbit Proof Fence

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Rabbit Proof Fence; based on a true story is set in Western Australian the 1930s. The story is about three "half caste" girls, Molly Craig (Evelyn Sampi), her sister, Daisy Craig Kadiball (Tianna Sansburry), and Gracie Fields (Laura Monagham). They are all taken away from their mother and taken to Moor River Native Settlement, 1500miles across the country. They are transported there so that they can become more integrated into the white culture. The oldest girl out of the three is Molly who is most the most experienced of the girls. Molly initiates an attempt at running away to return home on foot.

Molly, aged fourteen takes her sister Daisy, aged eight and their cousin Gracie, aged ten on a famous journey, following the longest fence in the world. The journey is mostly a combination of an adventure and suspense.

Mr. Neville, known as Mr. Devil in the film, who is the chief Protector of the Aborigines'.

Uses man words and phrases to justify his personality and taking the girls away. Some of these include "unwanted third race", "advance to white status"; "in spite of himself, the native must be helped", "they are our special responsibility", etc. the arrival of the Moore River Native Settlement, the day the girls meet Mr. Neville he is wearing a black tuxedo, which signifies evil and bad things. He talks to the camera lens so it makes the audience feel like they're Molly. The scene of Mr. Neville taking to Molly, checking her skin, this part concludes with the word "NO," indicating the power of Mr. Neville in deciding Molly's future.

The next day, before church, Molly takes Daisy and Gracie on along adventure t escape from the settlement, which is the climax of the film. The distance that they roughly cover is...