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Race appears very "natural" because it is normal to want to classify certain

people into different groups to make it easier for us to understand. However, our skin

color was the reason that protected us from the environment. So basically, we are all the

same and we should not be put into certain categories of race just because we all came

from different climates which affected our skin color. Our bodies just had to adapt to the

sun's rays so therefore it is not natural to have different races.

For example, most individuals are not white or black but brown .There is no

racial category for being brown which is quite ironic if most people are brown. When you

fill out an application you check off Hispanic, African American, or Caucasian. There is no

mixed category on that application like African American and Caucasian.

Furthermore, "brown skinned ancestors may have been shared by modern day

blacks and whites as recently as 10,000 years ago.

Human skin owes its color to the

presence to the particles known as melanin. The primary function of melanin is to protect

the upper levels of the skin from being damaged by the sun's ultraviolet rays" (Gallagher

7). So therefore, it is not like there is some genetic biological difference between all of us.

Rather our many differences are due to melanin and environmental factors. Having a lot of

melanin in your skin is good because it seems to protect from the damages of the sun

which causes cancer. The melanin served as a defense mechanism against cancer. White

Europeans did not need a lot of melanin in their skin because the sun was not as strong

where they lived. However, in Africa and parts of the Middle East the sun is very strong

so the...