Race and My Community: Hispanic This essay is about the study of the race a belong to in my community and any discrimination that anyone like me may have.

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My Community 1Race and My Community: HispanicSandra PerezAxia Collage University of PhoenixMy Community 2Race and My Community: HispanicI am Sandra J Perez born American and rise in Puerto Rico making me part of the Hispanic minority. We, Hispanic are the second large groups in the population in Kissimmee, FL. All troughs founding some information about my ethnic (Hispanic) minority have not been easy I was able to come across with some good information. (We)Hispanics have tried to hold many political positions. However, we have not been able to achieve many political positions. We have gone through some type of discrimination, and we are not treated like the rest of the population. We have become very important to the local economy. We (Hispanics) have been recognized as a group that will lead or can change Central Florida future. We (Hispanic) may have gone through some discrimination, but the future of the local economy, politics, and population depends on us.

I arrive in Florida in 2002, because they ask my husband (Puerto Rican) to transfer to Orlando, FL because the new hotel need Spanish spoken person. When I arrive at that time I believe that I was back to Puerto Rico. I was able to go grocery shopping and purchase every item like in a grocery store in Puerto Rico, something I was not able to enjoy while living in Nashville, TN. However, I realized that sometime people will not look the same to Hispanic as they will look to the White American population. As the time goes by our population (Hispanic) continue to grown changing the way people may look at us or even treat us. Bilingualism (Spanish-English) became very important to the area were I live.

My Community 3Race Diversity within my CityAs I did my search to find...