Race as a factor for discrimination

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Discrimination can be said as being specific

actions or policies directed against the welfare of

minority groups. Eliminating discrimination,

especially those discriminated by race, requires a

great deal of time and effort from both the law and

society. Some programs have been created to level

off race disparity. Affirmative action programs are

one of these such techniques. Through affirmative

action, the law and society try to decrease

disparity by assigning certain advantages to groups

that have been subject to discriminatory actions.

Its main goal is to bring the disadvantaged groups

to the same level as those groups that were not

exposed to unfair treatment. In the following, I

will provide my reaction to arguments concerning

affirmative action policies.

One such incidence of racial discrimination

came from a white female Michigan resident who was

denied entry to Michigan's Law School based upon

her race. She then filed suit claiming that the Law

school uses race as a "predominant" factor, giving

applicants who belong to certain minority groups a

"significantly greater chance of admission than

students with similar credentials from disfavored

racial groups." The District Court concluded that

the law school's use of race as a factor for

admissions was unlawful. I feel that race should be

used as a factor for admissions in certain

circumstances. These certain circumstances would

include a favorable admissions policy towards

minority groups. I feel that minority groups should

be equally represented in any institution. However,

by following this affirmative action policy which

gives an advantage to certain minority groups, at

the same time you are discriminating against the

majority group, which then becomes the

disadvantaged group. There is no real way to solve

this problem. On one side, if you exclude race from

admissions, then the possibility of having a

minority group underrepresented is...