Race in My Community

Essay by myhelp May 2009

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My family and I recently moved here from the beautiful state of Hawaii. Now that I have been living in my new community for over four years I literally took notice of the different cultures that are living in my community, where I live. In my community there are numerous cultures living around me and my family here is some data points from U.S Census Bureau web site from the year 2000. White 18,194, Black or African American 1,562, American Indian and Alaska Native 393, Asian 1,087, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander 70, Some other race 12,553, Two or more races 2,062, Hispanic or Latino (of any race) 17,869 This is what My community represents as far as nationalities living in the city where I reside. U.S. Census Bureau (Jan. 2009) and Building Regional Communities (2006) There are many of people who resemble me and my family according to the Census Bureau.

I was quite shocked to find that my race represents the most popular of races living in my community. Just by looking around me it did not seem as though my race would be the highest in population. I noticed that during week two of this class the chapters did not recognize my race in the same manner as it did the others races. Although, they did recognize some information about my race; these Chapters did cover how my race overcame prejudice, and how it was dealt within the early 1800-1900's, but that was about all it covered.

In my neighborhood it seems as though there is quite a problem with racism and hate crimes, one particular race that chooses to treat people of different races very different in my community, they are usually adults and children together that call other adult's names, make racial remarks...