Race In My Community

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Growing up in a small town in Central Florida exposed me to many members of other ethnic groups. In my school I remember having many friends that were Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans and even Asian-Americans. Caucasian was the dominant ethnicity on my school. Since there was a multitide of different races and cultures in my school, there was a lot of education and programs that were dedicated to cultural equality and bridging the gaps between the different races. While this effort existed, there was still a lack of knowledge and willingness to learn from some. I still grew up hearing a lot of incorrect things about a lot of minorities. Fortunately, I had parents and a great group of friends that helped me know the difference between stereotypes and facts. .

Leaders within my community treat people like me no differently than anyone else. Though I have never seen people different than me treated differently, my local church made it a point to bring to the attention of the church population, that racial intolerance of any kind is unacceptable in the church and goes against the church's teachings.

I remember one situation that caught a lot of attention both in the media and our community. A male caucasian student in our school brough cards and fliers and disbursed them at school encouraging enrollment in his parent's local Ku Klux Klan. Upon hearing this news I was fearful at the state of my community, saddened by the obvious ignorance that is still alive in my community, and feared for the safety of my friends who were part of the minorities that were hated by the KKK. As a result of this student's actions riots broke out in parts of our community and many of my friends and even their parents were hurt and...