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Derek and Wyatt

Character Overview:


Derek is a man, who is very smart. He has a short temper and when he is angry you do not want to get in his way. He hates dumb burglars, and when a burglar messes up he turns them into the police. He hates having to kill people as his family were killed by burglars and he is only robbing banks so he can get enough money to give his Grandma heart surgery. He has been to prison once because Wyatt tried to shoot someone but missed and they were both caught. Derek has taken troubled Wyatt under his wing after meeting him in prison the first time.


Wyatt is a man, who is not very smart. He is very flamboyant, and has a lot of patience. Wyatt is continuously making mistakes when he is under pressure. He loves killing people that he doesn't like.

He only robs people because Derek does it. Wyatt loves to style things, in pink. He has Derek to cook, clean and make his bed for him, because Derek took him under his wing.

Security Guards:

Easy Targets, not very sneaky and large.


Smart, slim, fit, hate robbers and strong.


Scene 1: They are in a bank

Scene 2: They are in a hideout

Derek and Wyatt

Scene 1: Bank

Derek sneaks on stage

Derek: "The coast is clear Wyatt"(Derek calls for Wyatt to come with his hand)

Wyatt sneaks towards Derek.

Derek: "Did you check to make sure there were no security guards"

Wyatt: "What…I thought you were meant to!"

Sirens sound and security guards come running.

Derek: "You idiot Wyatt! You were meant to! The plan was for me to check if it was clear and you check for security guards!...