Racial and Ethnic Identity

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I believe that my own racial and ethnic identity is a result from self-identification. I view myself as the typical Caucasian male who was born and raised in Texas with no racial predeceases. My ethnic background consists of your typical Texas born individual with a lot of experience in dealing with other races with similar interest of my own. In regards to me ancestral origins and heritage, I don't believe that they have influenced who I am today in any way. The truth is that I don't know much about my ancestral origins the only thing I know is that my last name is of Polish decent, and I can drink a lot of beer. I think my physical characteristics are that of a typical 29 year old Caucasian male. I speak only one Language which is English and was raised as a youth in the Catholic Church, however it has been a very long time since I have attended Mass as I have developed my own questions about faith in general.

Our family customs and traditions are also typical; we get together with family and friends on the major holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Overall, I believe that my racial and ethnic identity is that of a typical born and raised American. I don't see anything I do as radical or really different as anyone else. I am a strong minded independent individual who understands who I am and what my abilities are. The person that I am today is a result of my mother and father who taught me the difference between right and wrong as well as to stand up for what I believe. I was taught that regardless of race or ethnic background there is good in all people and I have always...