Racial Discrimination, all about it. Not just one skin "color", this applies to everyone.

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Racial discrimination. Two words that seem only to be a meaning in the world, yet hidden behind those words is what the world really faces today. In 2001, the whole reason why we were attacked by members of Al Quida was because the majority of America is Christian. They hate us because we have the nerve to be Christian. If we aren't one of them, and if we refuse to join their religion, then we are just another on their list to be killed.

That's how it is everywhere today. Back in the 1940's when we had WWII, well that's just another historical time of racial discrimination. The German Nazis didn't like the Jews because they were different. Then Adolph Hitler wished to conquer the world because it was different. And racial discrimination doesn't necessarily have to be religious-linked.

For example, the Civil War. The Confederate's were battling the Union's because they wanted control over the African-American slaves. This had nothing to do with religion. It had everything to do with color and race. The Slave-Trade is what led to the Civil War. Boats from Southern America were going to and from Africa and other countries to secretly take slaves back to the Americas. It was all for money. The slaves made the owners money. Bringing the slaves to America made the boat-drivers money. Slave auctions made money for the ones who held them.

But, that doesn't mean that all racial discrimination has to do with money. Sometimes it's just pure hate. As I said earlier, the Holocaust. That was pure hate. All through history there have been wars, battles, fights, arguments, and deaths because of racial discrimination. It's worldwide and it won't stop. There are gangs, who hurt and ruin peoples lives everyday just because they're different.

I just recently read a book entitled "Romiette and Julio". This book was about an African-American girl named Romiette who fell in love with a Mexican-American boy named Julio. It tells of how they begin to have trouble with a gang, just because they like each other and they're not the same race. The parents don't really agree about the young couple's love either. Finally, truth and love bring them all together, the gang-members are arrested and Romiette and Julio live happily ever after. But it's not that simple. That happens everyday and it hardly ever ends 'happily ever after'. It ends up in violence, hurt, and even death.

In the story, Romiette and Julio themselves were nearly killed, as was the similar characters Romeo and Juliet, in Shakespeare's famous novel. Racial discrimination is always linked to hate, whether there's money involved or not. People don't realize how equal they are to each other. Each person is as good as the next, because that's how God made us, and that's how it will stay. No matter how many African-Americans are killed because of their color, no matter how many Christians and Jews are tortured because of their faith, nothing can change the fact that everyone's equal, and that racial discrimination is only another form of hate.