Racial Profiling should be justified

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"Racial Profiling is the consideration of race when developing a profile of suspected criminals; by extension, a form of racism involving police focus on people of certain racial groups when seeking suspected criminals. That is the definition of racial profiling, by www.dictionary.com. The current media has painted police as ignorant racists who humiliate minorities by subjecting to repetitive and fruitless searches (office.com). But the reality is something else. Law enforcement officers are a dedicated, honest lot. They believe in their cause and literally risk their lives to protect strangers. In order to first understand racial profiling, we have to look back to its origins. Racial profiling had its boom in the nineteenth century. That is when racial profiling became public, even though racial profiling was used by law enforcement officers before that. All through out time, racial profiling has become one of the shibboleths of our era (office.com). Racial profiling wasn't quite known until recently, due to the mass negative coverage of the media.

The media has portrayed racial profiling as a way of discriminating towards minority groups, but in reality, racial profiling is an effective method used by law enforcement officers to determine who will commit a crime. For the last three decades, many officers have lost their jobs due to truthfully speaking out about racial profiling. "Racial profiling" the thing has been around for as long as police work, and is practiced everywhere. Practically all-law enforcement professionals believe in the need of racial profiling (www.ebscohost.com). Racial profiling is based on common sense, and as the saying goes "if it happens five times than the chances are it will happen again." Racial profiling should be justified because of the following three reasons; it helps to reduce the crime rates, also racial profiling helps to save the lives of...