Racial Segregation essay based on A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines

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In this novel, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines it is evident that Grant Wiggings and Jefferson are victims of racial segregation. This is obvious that Grant is a victim of racial segregation because of the bars and restaurants he goes to and the school he teaches at. Also, Jefferson is a victim. He was given a death sentence with insufficient evidence. Another way Jefferson is segregated is when he is sent to prison for his supposed crime and he is placed in the black section of the prison.

Every time that Grant wants to go out for a nice meal or something to drink he has to go to a separate restaurant in the so-called "black" part of town. This was unfair for every black person living in that time period. Clearly form this quote (After entering the town . . . . which led back of town to the colored section.)

This quote clearly shows the racial segregation and the separation between the blacks and the whites in the south at that time period.

Also this quote from The Jim Crow Law (every southern state ........ one black the other white) shows racial segregation. There was actually a law that made a city separate the black and whites. It also says that blacks and whites were not aloud to eat or drink in the same bars and the same restaurants. That should not of been aloud but it was and sometimes is still used today.

Grant also teaches in a black school, which is separated from the white school. From this quote (Many of the books...hand-me-downs from the white schools. Pg. 57.) The black school is more run down and is more dilapidated than the other white schools around the city. All the black...