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The human skin has cells called melanohsites living in the outer layer of your skin. Their job is to make protein that protects your skin form harmful rays light the sun. In which determine what colour your skin is.

Visualize, living in a country where this natural variation ALONE is the basis for brutal and unhuman like cruelness. Where a neighbour would receive more money in one week that you would in a whole year; because you're black.

Being denied the right to vote. Being sold, Bought, Whipped, Bashed, Staved, Raped and Killed. South Africa was split in two. And just as we red in the 'Longest Memory', the black people were made slaves to white men.

This was the horror period known as Apart - theid; introduced and enforced by the government.

Enter; Nelson Mandela. Born, Transkei, South Africa in 1918. Mandela was sent to a Healtown secondary college after running away from his guardian to avoid an arranged marriage.

He moved onto the University College of Fort Hare for a bachelor of arts where he was made an SRC representative only to be expelled, for joining in a student protest school.

Nelson joined a law firm in Johannesburg as an apprentice. Through this Mandela was exposed to the cruel actions and inequality of the current way of life, where blacks were seen next to nothing; non-human.

In 1944 he joined the ANC (African National Congress), where he aimed to peacefully change the long standing laws that restricted blacks, making them exceedingly insignificant in relation to the whites.

This however a great mission was seen as illegal in the land of South Africa at the time. The Government wanted no part in having blacks brought to a white mans level. Mandela was arrested for his actions along...