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Racial prejudice has started since a very long time ago and unfortunately it still exists in today's society. People shouldn't be judge because of their skin colour but instead for what they did. In this article, it says that African Canadian drivers are being stopped at much higher rates than other races. If black people get arrested for something they did and white people do the same thing but get away with I think that it's extremely unfair and it is an injustice to these people who are getting arrested.

Even though our skin colour may be different, our feelings are still the same. Black people and white people should receive the same treatment and decisions towards these people should not be based on their ethnic background. All these differences about colour are only skin deep and people should try and see what's on the inside of those people. I don't think that anyone likes be victim of racial prejudice and I don't understand why some people keep doing it to others.

Our society will never progress if we keep focusing on those differences. Policemen should be the ones setting up the example for others by treating every citizen equally and fairly because they are supposed to be models for us and they are here to protect us.

This article surprised me because I never though that policemen would treat someone differently because they have a different ethnic background. If white people are treated more leniently because of their skin colour, they will keep trespassing the law thinking that it's alright because they are not getting punished for it. Canada is known as a country where people are treated the same way and people are free to make their own decisions. Canada should prove why they are known as...