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In Maycomb County racism happened all the time everywhere and was not

thought to be wrong in any way. The colored people were basically treated

like nothing and just worked and had no say in any thing. Also in the time of

Maycomb colored people were still beaten and there were no labor laws and

they were forced to work all the time and were not allowed to go to school.

They were also accused of white people's wrongs and were tortured, beaten,

and hung for them before they could even get a trial.

Today's society has not really changed all that much since then, except the

other ethnic groups are being tortured and beaten and hung because of a

white man accusing him of something. Although the physical abuse and labor

forced upon other ethnic groups are not there any more the mind set of white

people assuming they are better in most ways is still present.

Most people do

not realize it but yes, racism is still a huge issue in today's world.

White people are always comparing other races to themselves as if they

are the best race of all and they are the ones that set the standard. Some white

people deny being racist in any way but what they don't realize is there just

as racist as any buddy else that is. They still judge and assume things just

because of the color of another human being's skin. Colored people do not

have it as easy as white people do just because they have a different color of

skin and society has taught the generations of kids and previous kids and will

probably teach our future kids to be racist.

Most people do not look at another person's character or their actions or

how they feel or there opinion in certain areas but most of their attention goes

towards their ethnic back round and skin color, or how a person looks on the

outside. Martin Luther King was a very courageous man who opened

people's eyes on the issue of racism and showed people how different races

are being treated by the white race. He tried to show that it was what was in

the inside of a person that counts not there skin color or ethnicity.

I think people are individually different in many ways, not by the fact of

there skin color but there skills and their skills come from there ethnic back

round which make them special in their own way and also make them better

in certain areas than other people. I do not make any assumptions until I meet

a person there skin color means nothing to me, their character, attitude, moral

values are what is important to me. People are people and should be treated

like it and not be demoted because of skin color their color and ethnicity is

what makes them unique as an individual person.