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Racism in the Media Racism: is discrimination against someone who is of a different culture or color, or any difference.

An example of racism is around the 1960's, it was the law, for the black skinned human beings to sit in the back of a city bus.

If there would be no room at the back of the bus they were not permitted to ride it. Many people tried fighting this but did not succeed because it was the law. Black people were often abused and beat during this time and many died trying to fight.

In this picture I see racism in a lot of ways. I think they are resembling that all black girls are sluts by the way this black woman in the article is dressed. It also symbolizes that blacks should be behind bars, or else they are all behind bars (prison).

This advertisement makes black people look dirty and lifeless.

Stereotypes Stereotype: General judgement based on how ssomeone looks or acts which may or may not be based on parcial truth.

An example of a racist stereotype is that many people see native cultured people as welfare bums. Some people have assumed that that is all that natives are but their not all. Not only that other people from different cultures use the welfare program.

Many people look at one person in the culture and thibk that is how they all are.

I think thsi picture stereotypes the south Asian culture. It looks to me that only south Asia people can dance or be a balerina.

Racial Stereotypes in the Media Racial stereotypes also exist in the media. For example, in the comedy show called Fresh Prince, it is based all on blacks. In the comedy the black family is rich, good looking...