Racism, basic description goes into detail about how it previals in our society today, and how eventually it will fade away.

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At some point throughout our lives we all must come to face with the issue of racism. For some this issue creates a blaze of emotion while others could care less. Many people have experienced racism or racist remarks at some point, however depending on how well we respond to that situation shows the degree to which we let racism control us. Racism has been with us for hundreds even thousands of years, and even now in our modern age we are still unable to abolish it, however given time and effort we will eventually persevere.

Racism is a part of our lives. We see it everyday from our schools, to our T.V.'s, to our "Seventeen" magazines. I was reading an article just the other day when I came across a racist joke involving Asians, I thought the joke was immensely funny, and if I had shared that joke with my friends they would've enjoyed it also.

However had I been Latino, or African American and told the same joke I would've been considered a racist. I cannot understand why even though racism is all around us, we still consider it a delicate subject. Surely one would think the more open and public a subject is the more desensitized people would feel towards it. And to a degree that is true, however most people who have become desensitized to it are the people themselves. For example an Asian wouldn't care if you called him a chink likewise a Latino wouldn't care if you called him a Mexican. After all isn't that what you are, but used in a slang fashion? But still many people would take offense and think otherwise and that is totally understandable. Its just that I feel we have to accept racism, (which isn't to say we...