Racism in colleges

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When you come to college, you come with grand expectations of meeting people from completely different backgrounds than your own. I am glad to say that I found that here at Del Tech. While it is obvious that the majority of the campus is white, there are plenty of people from various cultures and I truly appreciate that. I'm Hispanic and I know my race didn't hurt my chances of being accepted, it actually might have helped. Recently, there has been an increase in the percentage of minority students in colleges. Colleges want diversity on campus, they want to promote it and a college's percentage of minorities is a statistic that high school students look at when deciding where to apply. Affirmative action is a program currently under intense debate. Is it unfair or just a way to level the playing field?

Affirmative action is a complicated process set out to aid minorities.

It sets the bar lower for minority students than for white students. Affirmative action is used to promote the recruitment of groups that were previously excluded. It is now harder for a white student to gain acceptance into a university because colleges want minorities. Some say that affirmative action doesn't reward those who work hard; it rewards those with a different color of skin. However, I think people don't fully understand the details of why affirmative action was implemented to begin with.

It is a widely known fact that upon entering a lower class neighborhood, the majority of people are minorities. The majority of children in those environments have the mentality that going to school is useless. They think that there is no means out of the ghetto so they choose the easiest path, to steal or sell drugs. The only way of escape is to...