Racism within football/Soccer in europe and great Britain

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As A glory hunter I support Middlesbrough.Admittadly not the greatest club in the Premier League.I take any victories and cup excursions with open arms.One such occasion was when they rose to the dizzy heights of the Zenith Data final at Wembley.Having travelled from Germany all night I was more than happy to be drinking in the pubs near the ground.I eventually started to talk to a group of Chelsea fans,it quickly became clear that they were racist in their attitude to any player who was Black and would not cheer if any Black player for Chelsea scored" ?I asked them what they would do if they were in a European Cup final and it was a Black player who scored the winning goal or even a hat trick" ? "No" was the reply

"we would just sit in our seats and do nothing "I couldn't believe it.

I finished my drink and left the pub. If I was honest I couldn't believe their bigoted attitude.

I found it especially hard as at the time as I had just finished an active service tour of Northern Ireland where I had served along side Black people who I had worked closely with.I often wonder what those hypocrites would make of the present Chelsea team, full of very talented Black players.No doubt Chelsea are a better because of these players who have raised the clubs game and profile within England and Europe. Therefore to study football and how racism it and it's affect upon society was an opportunity too good to be missed. An obvious starting point would be to define racism ? It be divided into three categories overt,institututional and covert.

Black players within the game are routinely subject to overt racism at games (Gruneau,.(1999).Although...