"Radical Reconstruction" by Thaddeus Stevens, and his antislavery belief.

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Radical Reconstruction

"Reconstruction" is a work by Thaddeus Stevens. He had practiced law before starting doing political affairs. Himself, and some other citizens of America strongly counteracted polices given by Southern Reconstruction Lincoln or Andrew Johnson. He was one of those who powerfully fought against the slavery and one of those who suffered about their antislavery belief. He quitted his first seat in the United States House of Representatives but latterly he was returned by the younger of two political parties (Republican party) to the meeting e.g. Congress. An important thing that he did is that he outlined the Reconstruction policy before it was officially written into legal document e.g. "Report of the Joint Committee on Reconstruction". He patronized the Thirteenth Amendment, wrote the Fourteenth Amendment, and assisted in realizing the Freedmen's Bureau.

The excerpt from "Reconstruction" begins with his analysis on current condition with defeated States from the South, and the suitable mode of reorganizing the Government.

He believed in the victory in the war, never doubted for loss. He was against those despots who wanted to demolish liberty. So after the war he continued working on "Reconstruction", and "Restoration". This war was waged against United States by eleven other States who had betrayed US by overthrowing all governments. The outcome of the war was victorious for the North and the goal of Republicans is to found their own Governments. Those governments should forbid slavery, and by doing this the Constitution should not be broke. He gives a solution for paying the National debt by grabbing the property of rebels. But he strongly wants no violence and according to him those forfeiture should be done by treating those States like never been out of the Union or to accept the position they have placed themselves out of it. Whatever...