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Hello and welcome to Fiction News. Coming up tonight, good ol' Bush has called an attack on some middle eastern country, and Mr Howard is supporting him like a dog on a leash, surprise surprise, but more on that later. But right now, In the business section of today's news, Queenslands treasurer Mr Bloggs has recently declared that a significant portion of the budget this financial year will be going towards apprentice training and workplace health and safety.

Mr. John Doe, and Australian Health And Safety Commission stated earlier today, "Every year, there is an average of 650 000 injuries relating to workplace health and safety. Included in that is 2 900 fatalities. That's one and a half times the amount of deaths that occur in car accidents each year."

But despite the ghastly traumas that come over the loved ones and victims of workplace accidents, there are far more pressing issues that the government and privately run companies are concerned about.

"Along with the increasing amount of death and destruction due to the workplace each year, there is the inevitable cost of the company that follows. Last year, out of 650 000 injuries, 120 000 had to take five days or more off work, and workers compensation or medical costs add to the loss of the company or government. In fact, last year, there was a little over $27b lost in workplace accidents or compensation alone. To put this in perspective, this is far more then the government is putting into family care, retirement, ages pensioners, security and transport combined." Says Mr Bloggs.

In 1999, NSW Infrastructure Corporation suffered losses of $147 000 plus an employee when a man was struck down with an electrical wire during maintenance of a railway. Similarly, Barclay Mowlem construction company suffered losses of...