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The radio station i have choose to do for my in depth study of a radio station would be 102.7 WXYV. Before this hit radio station became B102.7 in 1997, they were known as V-103 and had a urban contemporary hits format. In the later part of the seventies V-103 played Disco type music and in the early seventies before it was know as B102.7 or V-103 it was WCAO-FM and they played classical music.

B102.7 is owned by Infinity Broadcasting Company, Which is part of Viacom.

Viacom also owns stations such as CBS, MTV, VH1, Paramounts studios and theme parks, Showtime, Blockbuster video and many other entertainment companies. WXYV is managed by Bill Hooper and he is the vice President and General Manager. Bill Pasha who is the vice president of programming. Both of these managers are very capable broadcasters. Since B102.7's owner Infinity owns so many stations they have many stations such as Mix 106.5,

Good time oldies WQSR, WLIF, WJFK, and WHFS all located in Baltimore. The legal ID of this station is 102.7 WXYV Washington-Baltimore. This station broadcasts with a power of 50,000 watts.

This station plays hit music, which is targeted towards listeners of all ages who like to listen to contemporary music, great DJ's and enjoyable contests. This station has had this current format for almost 3 years and they are approaching their 3 year birthday. They celebrate their birthday with a concert called the B102.7 Birthday Blowout. WXYV uses the nickname which you have probably saw me using is B102.7. This station is located in Towson. While there tower is located in Owings Mills. The tower transmits over a hundred mile radius similar to most other FM stations.

The DJ's that are employed there are Gary Craig, Eric the producer, Christine Lee, and the traffic guy. They are part of Craig and company morning show which is on air from 6 AM to 10 AM. Then Kristie McIntyre comes on to run the show from 10 AM to 2 PM. Then Fast Jimi grabs the mic from 2 PM to 7 PM. Except on Sundays he is on air 7 AM to noon. Then Priestly and Hawaiian Ryan come on and run the show from 7 PM to midnight and on Saturdays they are on air together from 7 PM to 10 PM. The priestly runs a show by himself from noon to 5 PM. Then on Saturdays Hawaiian Ryan runs the show from 5PM to 10 PM. The on Sundays he is on from noon to 5 PM. Also Jon Boesche does club B102.7 on Friday and Saturday 10 PM to 2 AM, and noon workouts Monday's and Wednesday's to Friday's at noon and he also does the Beltway Boogie on Friday's at 5 PM. TJ Roberts runs the show on Sundays 5 PM to 10 PM and also the noon workout on Tuesday's at noon. Also Eric Zinc is on the B102.7 Interactive 10 Pm to Midnight on Sundays. Those are the DJ's that make B102.7 arguably one of the greatest radio stations in current history.

For the most part B102.7 is live broadcasting, everything is live except for "Rick Dee's Weekly Top 40" which is their only syndicated programming.

Everything is completely live except for in case of emergency were to occur they have ready to go music planned that will be able to play until they come back on air.

The only promotion that they are doing right now is called the phrase that pays. This contest is won by B102.7 calling or seeing you on the street and asking you what is the phrase that pays and if you respond with the answer "B102.7 is Baltimore's Number One Hit Music Station." The prize for this contest is $102.70. As far as I know B102.7 only has one slogan that they use and it is the phrase that pays "B102.7 is Baltimore's Number One Hit Music Station." B102.7 is a very good radio station and I listen to this station a lot and i really like it because they play a huge variety of music. They play a variaty of music everything from modern rap to rock and even some country. The source I used for this paper was Also I received a couple e-mails from Bill Pasha the program director and Josh Medlock the music director and also the vice president of Programming, William C. Pasha.