Ragged DickAlger, Horatio. Ragged Dick, and Mark, the match boy.. New York: Collier Books, 1962. Print.

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From Ragged Dick to Ragged Rich

Normally people who work hard will achieve a bigger role in life, but unfortunately this is not the same for everyone else. Success does not come knocking on your front door, unless you are a very lucky person and win the lottery. You will need to fit three criteria to become successful without being lucky. You need to have connections, live where your dreams are, knowledge of the success you are trying to achieve.

Networking is something everyone is doing in today's society. Networking can be Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, etc. These specific websites can let you keep in contact or get hold of someone to share your talent or knowledge. These networking websites has revolutionized how we keep in touch with one another. They really connect people together and really do a good job to show the world what you can do with yourself.

Connections are very important, without them you will not get far. Connections keep you in the reach of becoming successful. Even some famous people who were not famous back then had connections with someone who achieved a great name. For instance, Sean Kingston, a singer who repeatedly messaged Dr. Dre (a music producer), became famous because MySpace (a social network) gave Kingston a chance at fame. Having connections with some of great statue can really benefit you in a long run. Having those connections can really make an impact in your life only if what they do, falls under what you are striving for.

Most applications will say "Are you willing to be relocated". This is what companies want to hear when they recruit employees. This gives them the knowledge that you will go great lengths for that specific company. If that company needs to expand and they need...