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30 OCTOBER 2013

"Eighty thousand railroad workers walked out, joined by hundreds of thousands of Americans--white and black, native- and foreign-born, employed and unemployed--all outraged by the excesses of the giant railroad companies" (www.msa.maryland.gov). The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 united this country's working class more that it had ever been before. The average citizens in the United States started to work together for a common cause. Large railroad companies' treatment of its employees caused of The Great Railroad Strike of 1877. Employees of the large railroad companies, like when of strike for two major reasons; receive their original wages back and to improve their working conditions on the railroads. All workers who prior to the depression that made more than a dollar a day received a ten percent cut in their wage. They became ever more united together because now all of them struggled to get enough money.

This caused them to act out against the companies; the strike of 1877 had just begun. By the end of The Great Railroad strike of 1877 the strikers never received better working conditions or higher pay. The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 would have been a success had the strikers been more unified and stuck together during their final act against the large corporations.

The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 is actually several smaller strikes which lead up to a very large all industry strike in St. Louis. The Great Railroad Strike of 1877 started at the Baltimore and Ohio Station in Martinsburg on the day of July 17th, 1877. The workers had received a ten percent reduction in pay. The workers before the reduction had been making $1.75 a day, astonishing only $0.15 an hour. One...