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Today I will talk about a latter that was written on March 1851 by John Grey and addressed to the editor of " The Daily News". This letter was published as an article in the column railways in the Daily News, the main newspaper in England at that time, on 19th of April 1851. In his article Grey criticizes the slow progress, which the railways have made in the north of Ireland.

He shows this catastrophic situation by comparing it to the south and west of Ireland where the progression of railways was much more successful, although according to Gray these parts of Ireland had less capital to build the railways and less trade and business to support it. He points out that it is not important to talk in the year 1851 what benefit railways mean to society, politicians and business. The author goes on by introducing the flourishing businesses in Northern Ireland and explaining how much they would need and financially benefit from working railway.

Further, Grey asks himself what could have caused this backwardness. From his point of view it is mainly the parliament's subdivision of the Northern Ireland's railways among small companies. Grey suggests that this can only and up in chaos. He proposes that a solution could be to create a single board of directors that would after communication with the shareholders have the only right to decide.

In my opinion railways at that time have been a hot topic for every newspaper to write about and for the public to read. Railways not only had huge impact on communication but also on business and politics. This is also proven by the fact, that they had its own column in one of the most important newspapers in the Grate Britain at that...