Essay by apina April 2006

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The raindrops were falling from the gray gloomy sky

As I watched the bikes ride by

They went off the wooden ramp

One by One

Hooting, hollering, having so much fun

The temptation was unbearable

I knew I wasn't supposed to play in the rain

But watching them having so much fun was driving me insane

I got up

Got my bike

And took it out to ride

I set all my thoughts and worries aside

I was still

Sitting on my bike

I was weighed down by the heaviness of my wet clothes hung

From my cold body

Then without a thought in my mind

I tilted my head towards the sky

I was absorbing the moment

I stopped to think

And then I realized

I was one

With the rain

I was a droplet of water

Slowly making my way from the skies to the ground

And at that moment I felt free

At that moment I was ME!