Rain Brings Pain-A Farewell To Arms

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Rain Brings Pain Topic: In Hemingway?s A Farewell to Arms; ?rain? is used as a negative imagery Thesis: Water is generally used for positive imagery, but in A Farewell to Arms, the formlessness of water makers it haunted by dark undertones Key Sentence list: - Ruining his plans of going out on a vocations with Catherine.

- Though Fredric manages to escape this shootout, this is his closest encounter with his death - Even in paradisal settings, the formlessness and fluidity of water make it an inherently ambiguous element, one always haunted by dark undertones of chaos, entropy, physical and psychological disintegration, and, ultimately death.

- The most ominous imagery is the images of death, the rain is associated with. This them that is carried throughout the novel and it is never broken Rain Brings Pain Throughout Hemingway?s Farewell to Arms, ?rain? is a negative sign. In chapter 1, the rain brings cholera which leads to the death of seven thousand soldiers (4).

This theme is consistently carried out throughout the story, and is never broken. In the lines ?I?m afraid of the rain because sometimes I see me dead in it? [?]? And sometimes I see you dead in it?, Catherine reveals her fear of rain to Fredric (126). This line intelligently indicates the ominous images of death associated with rain. It foreshadows the incidents that take place later along the course of the story. Scholar Carlos Baker, in his discussion of the polarization of action and imagery in A Farewell to Arms identifies ?rain? as a Not-Home concept, putting it in the same bracket as obscenity, indignity, disease, suffering, nervousness, war and death, and with irreligion (Baker, Carlos).

The danger presented while it is raining is quite apparent. Since the beginning, the rain is always...