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It is a strange thing, the way some people hold the commitment of marriage up with. The fear of losing this relationship puts many people through years of emotional pain. It still leaves the individuals thinking it is best to stay together and suffer rather than face the relationships failures. In the novel, The Rain God, by Arturo Islas we see Juanita and Miguel who are married and live as a couple for years despite Miguel's affair with Juanita's friend, Lola. Juanita being an innocent and committed wife to Miguel chooses to live with a man that openly has an affair with her friend for years behind her back and then later with her knowing.

The dream of a perfect and loving marriage causes woman to stay married despite extreme unhappiness. Juanita faced the criticisms of her family and friends that her husband was cheating with her best friend but refused to face them.

She forced herself to believe that her friend was trustworthy and her husband was loving. The fear of being alone or looking bad forces Juanita to continue with the abuse of an adulterous husband and a disrespectful friend. Miguel found qualities in both women that he found desirable and chose to break his commitment of love and marriage with Juanita to satisfy hi lust for Lola. Juanita's love did not fill his life and he cheated on her to fill the void. This process however, is a destructive process that tears apart relationships. Not only is the marriage of Juanita and Miguel destroyed but the relationships of relatives and friends of Juanita and Miguel are also hindered.

The perception of marriage is love, commitment and life long but it is not always the case. Juanita was a woman who tried at all lengths to please...