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Book Report Rainbow SixRainbow Six is a novel written by Tom Clancy. This book is about an ex-Navy SEAL and CIA agent, John Clark. Because he can make quick decisions and is not afraid to use violence in dealing with terrorists, John Clark is called in by the government to head an elite squad of American operatives along with British, French, and German agents. They will be the six team leaders of an international anti-terrorist strike force to combat terrorism. Their top secret code-name is "Rainbow," and Clark is "Rainbow Six." After an attempted airline hijacking is stopped by Clark, he and his top-secret group begin to train at Rainbow Headquarters outside London.

Their first mission comes quickly and is against some terrorists who take over a bank in Switzerland. Several men are holding hostages at the bank. To protect the hostages, Rainbow kills the robbers. But are they really robbers and did the people behind the terrorist attacks really want Rainbow Six to kill these men? Next, they are involved in the kidnapping of an international trader in Germany, and then a terrible raid on an amusement park in Spain.

A Russian assassin also seems to be running some kind of terrorist operations that seem to involve huge superpowers.

Clark was looking forward to putting his force into action, but the opportunities start coming faster than expected. He begins to suspect there is a connection to all these incidents when an IRA splinter group discovers Rainbow's home base.

With the help of his close friend, executive officer Alistair Stanley and strike team leaders Domingo Chavez and Peter Covington, Clark tries to figure out what is going on.

The threat seems to come from a group of terrorists like no other the world has ever seen. They...