"Rainbow Six" by Tom Clancy

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It isn't often that a writer can script many lengthy novels using the same characters. Often the books themselves are rather short, or have certain shortcomings. Tom Clancy is proof that it is possible. Writing many best-selling thousand-page novels, often with the same characters, at different times in their lives. Four of his novels have even put screenplays into movies, and one even has a video game bases on it. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six is an action packed novel, full of researched situations and realistic conflicts molded into a plot. If one were to follow all of Tom Clancy's books chronologically they would discover that most are based on a character named, Jack Ryan, in this book Jack Ryan has become the U.S. President and takes the role of a secondary character. Another popular character in Tom Clancy's novels is John Clark, who is the primary character in Rainbow Six.

The book describes the actions of a new multi-national, anti-terrorist group set up by a coalition of governments to fight against the threat of international terrorism. The name of this group was 'Rainbow' , chosen by John Clark, the head of the organization, this is due to its international nature. Rainbow was a 'black' organization, meaning it officially did not exist, the controlling governments would deny any knowledge of it. Rainbow was formed to deal with the ever-increasing threat of terrorism. Formed from the top anti-terrorist operatives from the organizations around the world making the elite unit known as Rainbow. Based in Hereford, England, the home of the British Army's 22nd Special Air Service Regiment.

John Clark, head of Rainbow, a simulated Brigadier was now entering his fifties after serving in the Navy Seals in the Vietnam War, and several years working on deniable operations for the...