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Rainforests are found in Central- and South-America, Central-Africa, Southeast-Asia and Northeast-Australia. Rainforests contain at least half of the Earth¡¦s species. It finds within 10¡¦N and S of equator. It hot and wet throughout the year, because of high solar energy input. The temperature is about 25-27¡¦C. The annual range of temperature is small, only 1-4¡¦C. The precipitation is high (over 2000mm) and there is no dry season. The soil is very rich. That¡¦s why there are so many trees and animals living there.

There are some examples of the endangered animals: Aldabra Giant Tortoise Bengal Tiger Giant Panda Great Indian Rhinoceros Spectacled Bear Western Lowland Gorilla Scarlet Ibis Pale-headed Saki Mexican Gray Wolf African Elephant Asian Elephant Golden Lion Tamarin Hybrid Spider Monkey Aye-aye Gorilla Amur Leopard Anatolian Leopard Florida Cougar Iberian Lynx Texas Ocelot Tiger Marine Otter Cuvier's Gazelle Western Giant Eland Manipur Brow-Antlered Deer Black Rhinoceros Short-tailed Chinchilla Giant Armadillo Northern Hairy-nosed WombatBroom's Pygmy-possum How could we help to alleviate species extinction? First, the government imposes more taxes on products made by animals.

The supply of the product will be increased, the supply curse shift to the right, the price increases. Then, the quantity demanded of the product will be deceased. By imposing an excise tax on that product, the government hopes to decrease the number purchase and, finally, to protect the animals. Second, the component of government spending could be redistricted. By spending more money for protecting the environment and recycling the garbage, the environment will be getting better, the animals will be saved. Third, the government restricted the trading of endangered animals and plants, trade for them is illegal. Above of those methods can help to alleviate species extinction