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With the population of the earth increasing, the natural resources are steadily decreasing. People have caused many changes in the environment since the prehistoric times. With the public?s economic industrialization, more natural resources are being consumed at the highest rate ever recorded. Destruction of the worlds few rainforests is one of the major environmental issues of the present day.

Today, 33.8 million acres of rainforest are destroyed every year. With such a steady rate of elimination, all the rainforests on earth will soon be gone. Without the trees that make up the rain forests, more and more carbon dioxide will be absorbed in the atmosphere, causing a greater global warming each year. Researchers estimate that an additional 2.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide is absorbed each year as a result of deforestation.

Another effect of deforestation is the extinction of species. Many species of animals have their habitats in the rainforests.

With over 33.8 million acres of deforestation a year, billions of animals will die each year. Tropical rainforests hold 70% of the world?s vascular plants, 30% of all bird species, and 90% of all invertebrates.

The major loss of rainforests also affects humans. Farming depends on finding and harboring new plants for defense against pests and diseases. Sometimes these farm grown plants breed with wild plants, but with 70% of the worlds wild planets being destroyed, that would be extremely hard. Many drugs and medicines also come from the resources found in the rain forests, that are rapidly being exterminated.

Everyday 93000 acres of rainforest are eliminated. Every month 2.8 million acres of rainforest are destroyed. And every year 33.8 million acres of rainforest is eradicated, due to the rapid population growth and economic explosion. Rainforests are a very important natural resource and a major part of...