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The talented Monica Lain Hedden joins TRC as Treasurer. 10/24/01 Don't Stop Saving the Rainforests Read an urgent appeal from TRC's President for us to stay the course, to continue our efforts to save the rainforests in light of the recent tragedies.

Explorations: Read about the Mountain Tapir or Tapirus bairdii.

Our section on schools shows how your school can help save the rainforests.

Find answers to your most-asked questions about TRC and tropical deforestation in our FAQ.

Global Extinction Rising Rapidly The 2000 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species warns that global loss of species is increasing at an alarming rate. According to the IUCN, "Conservation of extensive areas of tropical rainforest is essential to prevent the loss of a large number of species, most of which depend entirely on this habitat for survival." Read the full report on their web site. 10/2/00 Forest for the Birds: Blue Gray Tanager We are proud to showcase board member John Delevoryas' spectacular tropical bird photography including bird sounds and stories of how the photos were taken.

A new bird will be featured regularly. Our sixth featured bird is the blue gray tanager. 8/21/01 Got Stock? There are a number of ways that non-cash contributions can help the rainforests. If you own stock and wish to transfer ownership to TRC, please let us know. For more information email Connie.

In the Gallery: Artist Ed Rooks We are pleased to showcase the incredible paintings of master artist Ed Rooks.

Jungle Art We are happy to feature the wonderful and lively art of Bernard Scott.

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the Businesses FAQ Are you a business that would like to support TRC? Have questions about arranging this? Read our new Businesses FAQ. 8/2/01 Schools & Students in the Spotlight We are grateful to the many schools and students who have made a huge difference in saving rainforests this past schoolyear. View the selfless and creative efforts of schoolchildren wordwide in their own words and pictures.

Business in the Spotlight: Wow! Silicon Valley business raises more than $4300 for TRC in one day! 4/14/01 Business Sponsors: Take the Lead! Help our cause and yours at the same time TRC invites the business community to join in. Why not become the official sponsor of a project at $5000, $15,000 or more per year as a small business? Please email TRC for details on how your company can help and benefit from cause-oriented promotions.

2001: A Space Odyssey TRC President Alex Rubin really puts it all in perspective in his 2001 President's Letter. 1/1/01 Visit the Rainforests with Bonus Screen Saver Enter lush forests, rich with plant and animal life. Discover colorful tree frogs and toucans right on your desktop! ScreenThemes is now giving away a free TRC rainforest screensaver for all Save-an-Acre donors! Visit the Save-an-Acre page for more details.

Newest Project: El Tigre TRC is proud to introduce a new project with Wildtracks called El Tigré, in Belize, Central America. 2/7/01 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Web services courtesy of The Diamond Lane This web site and all content herein is ©2001 by the Tropical Rainforest Coalition (TRC). No material may be used or reproduced, in part or its entireity, without the consent of TRC. All rights reserved.