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When I was a little kid I remember that I was sitting down in my room watching my favorite T.V. show Drake and Josh. But on this episode there little sister Megan got on the wrong plane and got to travel to L.A. all by herself. After watching this episode I knew what one of my life goals is, to travel to every continent by myself and before I turn 18. So far I traveled practically everywhere in California but the only other countries I've been to where Guadalajara, but at about the ages of 9 and 10 I got the chance to Mexico and Santiago, Chile. Both countries were fun to visit especially when I got to see family that I rarely ever get to see. However, even though those trips were fun I always wanted to travel to the southern plains of Africa and see the rare and endangered animals that not many people will get to see to look at the amazing landscapes they have there but also I would really like to help the endangered animals that are still be hunted and the people that hardly have any water or food to live off of.

Or that I wish I can go to Asia to view the high advancements they have there and their different kind of customs and food and visit Hiroshima where the bombing took place and walk on the Great Wall of China or go visit Mount Fuji the highest mountain in Japan. Antarctica would we good change of scenery and a relief of this hot weather we've be having in the Central Valley and to be able to see the penguins and polar bears and actually see glaciers and an icy floor. Even though I am not keen to hot weather...